Saturday, May 11, 2013

My blog is moving!!!

I am happy to announce that Ecstatic Woman has moved to its own domain!!!  If you receive this notice, and desire to continue receiving ecstatic inspiration in the form of my blog posts, please hop over real quick to my new site and type in your e-mail address:

I have an abundance of ideas and plans for my blog that I am feeling very inspired about!  One thing I will be doing a lot of is VIDEOS!  Especially how-to videos about many of the unique foods I prepare, including:

~ homemade lacto-fermented sodas (like root beer)
~ beet kvass (a simple fermented beet drink)
~ super herbal elixirs
~ raw chocolates
~ jun & kombucha

I also plan on posting about:

~ videos & updates on my little boy, Cedar (now age 3!)
~ local wild edibles
~ superfood recipes for children
~ harvesting wild yaupon holly (you can use it like yerba mate!)
~ my favorite supertonic herbs
~ health and parenting-related eBook giveaways
~ my health journey

... and much, much more!!

I will no longer be posting on here (my old blog site), and all my posts will be on my new site from now on, so please take the time to visit and spread the word!

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