Saturday, January 19, 2013

Resurrection of blog!

Yay, blog resurrection!!   Here begins the new phase of my life, as expressed for all to see.  What was formerly Ecstatic Mothering is now Ecstatic Woman, to more accurately encompass all that I Am.

I type by candlelight, as my family sleeps, in our current house in my favorite town ever, Mount Shasta in California.  I have recently discovered a blissfully new level of quietness by embracing the dark hours of late night and early morning... the silence is so quiet I hear it ring loud, at the end of the daily sound symphony of my son's enthusiastic exclamations of all aspects of life. 

Winter... snow is still piled on the ground from a big snowstorm on the solstice.  I love this new substance, so rare in Texas where I recently lived.  A few mornings after it first fell, it was already piled 3 feet high, and I was so happy that I went to greet it in my swimsuit, falling deep into its fluff and rolling around, meeting my new friend with my bare skin.  If you think coffee is the ideal morning activator of body and mind, I'm guessing you haven't tried this....

The snow does cover the winter wild edible greens I'm used to... so what to do, as a year-round wild edible enthusiast?  Make snowcones, of course!!  A scoop of snow in a glass, a couple shots of homemade Jun or Kombucha, and a quick stir.  Mt Shasta seasonal snowcone special!   I also thought to harvest some pine needles from some of the tall, stately pine trees that cover this land (in a community of firs, spruces, manzanitas, and the occasional redwood) and brew up some tea.  Aromatic, high in vitamin C... and it tastes like Christmas trees! :D

We arrived here in Shasta right before Winter Solstice... the long-anticipated 12-21-2012, galactic alignment, "apocalypse" (originally a Greek word that translates to "a disclosure of knowledge, hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception") ...  for me, this solstice ended up being a time of new friends, ecstatic celebration, and healing ceremony.  My son fell asleep at the perfect moment for me to jump in to a group healing circle, where I had a grand time discovering that I have a surprising amount of interest, sensitivity and natural ability in reiki-type energy healing.  The super herbal raw chocolate balls I ate beforehand definitely helped with that...  the remainder of my night was filled with vivid dreams and blissful energy surges.

This most recent new moon in Capricorn had quite a noticeable effect on me, as well.  It was like some kind of amazing Goddess had her foot stuck in the door jam of my subconscious for a long time, and finally freed herself and stepped up to run my life for me.  I am now in the midst of a deep life transformation, which has so far resulted in highly increased clarity of direction, a new level of awareness of my creative power, and inspiration to implement new habits that are definitely taking my life up a few levels in awesomeness. 

An ecstatic transformation in the homeland of Saint Germain and the Violet Flame Angels, surrounded by 4 volcanoes...

Do you ever feel energy changes in yourself as the cosmos moves around, and the stars, planets and Sun change their relationship to the Earth (and us)?  Please comment and let me know! 

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