Sunday, January 20, 2013

Holy Manifestation!

For most of my life, starting around adolescence, I have been aware to varying degrees that I can create things and situations into my real life from my inner thoughts and feelings.  This awareness was part of how I was raised by my parents, although it was never reliable for me, nor did I believe I was very good at it (except for at seemingly random moments).   At many points throughout my life, I have lost faith in this idea and stopped believing it was a reliable or even possible way to reach my goals, which was always reflected by a decrease in easy manifestation and an increase in frustration and the appearance that I was only able to achieve things by some kind of hard-won struggle, and even then the seeming achievement would often have a way of slipping out of my life soon after.

Gradually, on my path of increasing awareness and awakening to my own inner power, my intuition has consistently steered me towards the "we can create our reality" idea as having deep truth to it, so I have again opened to it, this time slowly and cautiously (aware of a residual inner hurt/fear of being "let down" by the idea) over the past several years.   My logical mind has examined the potential validity of my intuition's attraction to this idea often, and has reported back to me many times (each time with a fuller understanding) that it is, indeed, the way things must be, all things considered (and with a lot of underlying complexities that I didn't understand at first).  I have moved gradually from my initial teenage enthusiasm of "I can create anything I think about!" to the understanding that our creations originate not so much from the thoughts we WANT to think, but our overall vibrational "emanation", which we can actually affect and change at a core level through various means and a sincere desire for transformation.

The reason I am inspired to write this post is because I have been DELIGHTED lately by the ease in which I have been manifesting!  I was just today thinking of all the things I have manifested in the past month, just from having a thought of it, being able to easily imagine having it, and being completely open to the means in which it comes into my life.  In the past month, most of these things have been GIVEN to me, at a seemingly random moment, most of them without the person having any idea I desired them, soon after I had enjoyed imagining having them in my life:

  • The Body Ecology Diet book ... it was on a bookshelf in the house we're subletting right now, so I got to read it again, absorb and implement what I desired from it, and then put it back, instead of having to add a new possession to our intentionally minimalist travel setup, which is even better than owning it for me!  So... this one manifested in a way even more aligned with what is right for me than I had initially imagined
  • A laptop computer
  • Awesome yoga pants
  • Jojoba oil
  • Bags of superfoods (ones I have been specifically desiring)
  • A high-definition video camera
There are more, but these are enough to illustrate my point.  Even more important than these things, I often manifest outer information and guidance that helps me upgrade my life, appearing in response to specific sincere desires for clarity about something.  I have been contemplating the reasons why my manifestation ability has strengthened lately, and I have come up with a few things.

Top 4 Tips for Manifesting Your Desires (in my experience)

1.  A Playful Attitude
2.  Openness to the WAY the thing comes into our lives
3.  Practice & Momentum
4.  Clarity of Life Purpose

A playful attitude.  This one seems so consistently important.  Anytime we're in "survival mode" and trying to manifest something we seem to need right now, our true creative power is stalled.  Survival mode and Creation mode are mutually exclusive.  The only way I've found to manifest things that I feel stressed about "needing by a certain time", is to first accept the possibility of NOT having it by my mind's "deadline" (a funny term that's very revealing) and realize that it won't be the end of the world, relax about it, then start to PLAY with having and enjoying it in my imagination until I feel the excitement of actually having it.  Sometimes I can do this better than at other times... and if I can't seem to get from survival to creation in that particular moment, the best thing to do is get my mind off of it completely by focusing on something else that's enjoyable and fulfilling for me, and letting it come back into my awareness later when I feel more ready to deal with it in a more relaxed place.

Openness to the WAY the thing comes into our lives.  So often, we feel that to have a thing or be in a situation we desire, there are very few ways it can come into our lives.  Cultural programming seems responsible for these beliefs.  For example, we often think the only way we can have a certain thing is by using money to buy it.  Or, the only way to be in a situation we desire is to go through a certain series of steps that we've been taught are essential to achieving this goal.  The classic modern-day example is:  Go to school -> Get a job -> Have a career -> Buy a house -> Retire and finally enjoy your life and do what you REALLY want to do.   This process is completely unnecessary, and can only seem to be necessary because we believe it, and have narrowed our awareness to not being able to accept any other means to our desired outcome, which in that case would be "enjoy my life and do what I really want to do".   A quick example of this that happened for me just yesterday... I was thinking about my desires for the business Isaac and I are building right now, and how important the medium of video is going to be in getting our message across.  We don't have a video camera, besides the crappy one on our phone.  I noticed a "let down" thought of my ability to buy a video camera being far in the future, then immediately afterward "came to" and expanded my awareness to the WAY a video camera could come into my life, accepting that it may happen much more quickly.  THAT VERY NIGHT, I was talking with my mom on the phone, and briefly mentioned my desire for a video camera, and she immediately offered to GIVE me hers, because her new iPhone has a great camera so she doesn't need her other one anymore!!   I was elated, and AMAZED at how quickly I had manifested something as important as an excellent, high-definition video camera for the business we are building!!

Practice & Momentum.  The importance of this is in gradually developing confidence in our manifestation powers, by proving to ourselves again and again, through real-life experience, that it is indeed possible.  At first, you may have a strong resistance and questioning about whether you can do it at all.  PERSIST.  Do it anyway.  It may take days to start seeing results, or many years.  It doesn't matter, because in my opinion, developing mastery over our power of Creation is one of the primary reasons to live at all.  Once you start actually manifesting things consciously, you will begin noticing a building momentum that increases every time you have another success.  It's just like mastering anything else... it happens gradually, and your confidence in your ability grows through the small successes that come with persistence and dedication.   First, you must believe to see... then you will see what you believe.

Clarity of Life Purpose.  Very recently, I experienced a quickening in my clarity of purpose at this time in my life... meaning, I received a huge influx of inspiration and ideas for what I desire to manifest in my life, with great clarity and specificity.  The level of alignment and enthusiasm I feel for these projects has noticeably heightened my feeling-emanations and the speed and clarity of my thoughts, which has seemed to directly increase my manifestation ability.  It's like the cosmos is noticing that I'm "in the flow" and creating with inspiration, and is supporting my creations in manifesting, supplying me with what I require with ease, so I can continue focusing fully on creating.

I would love to hear about your experience with conscious creation and manifesting your desires!  Please comment below if you have stories to share, questions that are baffling you, or anything to add to the list I made!  We can help each other improve our manifesting powers, for the Good of All!

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