Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Children & Evolution

I believe the most important thing about raising children is how completely we can allow ourselves to be affected and transformed by them (as we, in turn, care for and guide them). This may also be the most powerful thing we can do for our rapid personal & planetary evolution...

I first had this thought near the beginning of my pregnancy, when I was experiencing subtle yet immersive waves of nausea, off and on for a few weeks. People have commonly referred to this as “morning sickness”, dismissed it as an insignificant event caused by hormonal changes, and have been advised to eat more food to stop the nausea. What??! I think this is the worst advice ever, and this perspective robs us of a very significant, purposeful experience.

My experience of allowing myself to deeply relax into the nausea I was feeling, somehow brought me consistently into a deep meditative state (and I actually began enjoying these times!). I felt my thoughts and feelings being purified at deeper levels than ever. And I understood the purpose of this very common experience in the first trimester of many pregnancies:

If you believe (I definitely do) that when you become pregnant and the spirit/presence of your child first begins residing in your “space”/auric field, this spirit has come from a very pure place and still has direct, tangible awareness of our Creator. The immensely pure frequency of this being then comes to share the same space as another being; this other being (the mother) has been in physical embodiment for a little while... probably long enough to have accumulated some (or a lot of) limiting, false beliefs about herself and the world around her. The initial contact of the energy fields of these two beings with differences in frequency creates effects on both of them... they affect each other, and each adjusts their frequency to more comfortably share space with the other.

If we believe this to be true, it means we have a significant opportunity as mothers. We can choose to be affected by our child's presence, and receive the gift of our rapidly accelerated personal evolution; rather than affecting them so much with whatever false and limiting beliefs may still be dirtying up our energy spaces. We will certainly still affect them (and they may have chosen us as parents for the specific way we'll likely affect them); I believe the key is to view it as an exchange, a giving and receiving, instead of a one-way input of the parents “teaching” the child about the world. Our children quite possibly have more to teach us than we have to teach them!

In this way, conscious pregnancy can be a powerful evolutionary tool. We have 9 whole months to allow ourselves to be purified and transformed down to the core of our beings (to whatever degree we're capable of being transformed at that time); IF we can recognize and embrace this as a possibility.

I am now in my 9th month of pregnancy, our birth-day coming up so very soon, and I plan on taking this same perspective and approach into my child-raising... and the truth is that as I “raise” my child into acclimating comfortably into our world, my child will be “raising” me as well, into a much more conscious, loving, joyful, empowered expression of myself!

As parents, our encouragement and support of the purity, genius and abundant joy our children bring with them, may be the most significant contribution we can make to the rapid healing and upliftment of our planet and all its inhabitants.

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  1. This is wonderful, Courtney! True intelligence :)